Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dear Fans: Stop Storming The Courts

Storming the court is a fine way to celebrate a big victory. But fans need restraint when their school defeats a lower-ranked team, even if the game had been close, writes a columnist at Loyola Marymount. Unlike a columnist at Michigan State, Allison Hong writes that racing onto a field or court does not always create excitement.

Hong implores fans at Loyola Marymount to stop storming the basketball court after every victory. Running onto the court after a major upset is fine, but fans should not run out after a win over, say, Santa Clara University, she writes. In an open letter to fans, she writes: “Please stop storming the court. We've done it three times and now it's just getting old.”

Sometimes, columnists need to take on their readers in order to affect change, especially when it can cost the school money. Hong does a fine job doing that for a good read. Check it out.



Anonymous said...

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Carlos said...

Great article. Storming the courts has lost the luster of years past. Fans are forgetting the true reason to rush onto the court, which is to celebrate an improababe victory, such as Vanderbilt defeating Florida.