Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fave teams & players

For disclosure's sake, here are my favorite sports teams and athletes.
1. Baseball: Yankees (see picture above)
2. Football: NY Giants
3. Rugby: Eastern Illinois University women
4. Softball: Charleston Chill
5. Soccer: Charleston Blue Bombers and EIU women
6. Tennis: John McEnroe
7. Golf: Francis Ouimet
8. Basketball: Orlando Magic but waning now that I have left town
9. Track & Field: Edwin Moses, Florence Griffith-Joyner, Michael Johnson
10. Hockey: Orlando Solar Bears (of the now defunct IHL).

Baseball is by far my favorite sport -- as a fan, a writer and a player. We took the photo above from Yankee Stadium in 2005, the morning before the Yankees rallied from a 10-1 deficit to defeat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, 20-13. The Yankees scored 13 runs in the eighth inning and hit about five homers in the inning, several of which landed near us in the left-field bleachers. My girls went crazy seeing such a dramatic rally.

At home, we watch the Yankees on Dish Network and visit stadiums near our home in the Midwest (in St. Louis and Chicago. We have adopted the Cards as a second team, but they are a distant second.) My girls also have a ball signed by the great Mariano Rivera and Tino Martinez. But they missed getting signatures from Jeter and A-Rod because of several older fans who never grew up. These 30-, 40- and 50-year-old men bumped my daughters aside, stretched their hands just a little farther out from the stands, and yelled for these players' attention like some 11-year-old kid. (If this is you, grow up and give some kids a chance for their own memories. You can always get something else signed for your basement wall down in mom's house.) Disgusting. Fortunately, both Mariano and Tino saw my girls' struggles and told these squealing middle-aged men to let my girls hand out their baseballs. (Man, I love those guys.)

My childhood heroes included Bobby Murcer and Thurman Munson. (Best wishes to Bobby as he battles brain cancer.) I still remember the day he was traded to the San Francisco Giants for Bobby Bonds.

Enough about me.

I'll post some tips for covering games soon. Check back soon.

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