Friday, February 23, 2007

Nominate sports columnists for the Weekly College Top 10

I am accepting nominations for the Cool College Sports Columns: Weekly Top 10, a feature that will begin next week. Send nominations to me at My e-mail is also listed under my profile (to the right). Blogs are also welcome for submission.

This way college sports journalists can learn style and techniques from one another; plus, you can see what issues columnists are addressing.

I cannot go into the web sites of every college newspaper, so I am going to rely on referrals by advisers, student-journalists, moms, dads and roommates. (Suggestions by ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends will not be considered, although they should make for an interesting read. Would love to see them.)

I'll pick 10 columns/blogs each week, listing them by columnist and college publication along the right rail (see Cool College Sports Columns: Weekly Top 10).

Eventually, I would like to add other sports categories. But, for now, I'll start by reading college sports columns/blogs. I just need the URL sent to me.

I am also fielding questions for a Weekly Sports Reporting Q&A that will respond to your questions on anything related to sports reporting, from how to deal with irate coaches to how to structure a better lead for game stories. From time to time, I will refer these questions to sports editors and reporters across the country. Send your questions to


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Tour of '03 said...

Hey Joe,
I'm so glad you've started this blog (which uses the same template as my cycling blog, Let me know if I can be of help. And my Sports Writing and Reporting syllabus for George Mason University is online at
Steve Klein