Wednesday, February 14, 2007

On Sportz

This is the first post for my blog on sports -- from kids playing softball and soccer to journalists covering professional sports.


Murley said...

Congratulations, Joe. Keep it up! There is a natural challenge that comes after a few weeks of excitement, to keep it going. Somewhat like writing a regular column for the paper. That's natural. Just keep posting. You're in my bloglines subscriptions now.

P.S. - How wild that EIU has two former quarterbacks who are making names for themselves this year in the NFL - Romo and the coach for New Orleans whose name escapes me now.

Joe Gisondi said...

Sean Payton is the coach for the Saints. Mike Shanahan (Broncos) and Brad Childress (Vikings) are also EIU folks. I also believe the offensive coordinator for the Jets is E-I-U. Thanks for the comment.