Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey, BCS teams, play someone your own size!

Division II programs are going to be required to play fewer games against larger programs. That’s good for everybody. Typically, these are money games, where bigger programs essentially seek an ‘official’ preseason game and an easy victory. Sometimes, players at smaller programs can get hurt, which happened to Eastern Illinois’ top linebacker last season against the U of Illinois.

This new rule should force larger programs to play someone their own size, which is also good for fans. Plus, Division II programs will get more opportunities to play against one another, which should build more intense rivalries and enhance the quality of Division II sports.

Here is the lead from a posting on the NCAA website.

“In conjunction with the initiative to encourage more intra-division competition, the Division II Football Committee recommended to increase the number of games institutions are required to play within the division from six to eight contests.

If approved by the Division II Championships Committee, the requirement would take effect in the 2008 season.”


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