Saturday, May 19, 2007

You can help some kids get a field for their dreams

Just read through some of the essays on a website, where kids explained why their towns need money to build a new field -- or to fix one up. Coaches across the country are spending countless hours raking fields, putting in fences, and painting dugouts so some young kids can learn about sport (and themselves.) Wish they all could get money for their fields.

My girls just helped inaugurate two softball fields in our east central Illinois town, something that took about 10 years to complete. Some city parents spent a great deal of time in raising the money, building fences, doing carpentry and electrical work, and painting. The first pitch this morning brought a tear to one of the fathers who started this work. His kids are out of school now, but he is excited that other kids will get the chance to play on this field. That's why I was out there raking the field between games -- and will go back and do some more later this afternoon. (To pay back those who spent much more time in making this dream come alive for our town's girls.) And that's why many of us might jump in and help raise the additional money so the other two fields can be built.

Now, you can help some other folks earn money to put up a fence, fix a dugout or fill in major holes on a field. Click here to read the short essays and to vote.


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