Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lupica's right on mark about Mitchell, steroids

For those who think Sen. George Mitchell did a poor job revealing steroid use in major league baseball, read Mike Lupica's column on this issue. As Lupica says, Mitchell is 'no rank amateur.' Mitchell helped broker peace in Northern Ireland and probably could have been on the Supreme Court.

This report is going to be one of the most important documents in professional sports for many years to come. So do not rip this report until you've read as much as you can on (or in the report.) Our job is not to defend athletes (or to be fans) , but to report, so if you plan to write a column or story on this issue, do the research and learn the facts. Then, step up and opine away.


Proofreeder said...

Yup, Mitchell helped "broker piece" in Northern Ireland. Gotta love those typos, huh?

Joe Gisondi said...

Yikes! Thanks for the help.